Well hello, it’s been a very long time since I haven’t written anything in here. I know I’ve been away for a while even though I was still on Instagram almost every day and somewhat frequent on Youtube. You can tell by the title of this video that this isn’t going to be a Fashion related blog post. Well, my friend, you’ve guessed it right.

To sum it up in the shortest way possible, I can say is I didn’t really felt the connection to anything from the past few weeks. And by connection as in my creativity/that spark towards my work and my personal life (aka everything).  But, it was a weird phase in life where I wanted to do stuff but also I was giving a second thought to everything because it didn’t feel right. I’m a Leo and I go with my intuition and it has never made me doubt it. And it was true again…  It brought me to the point where I was like it’s okay to not work even though I’ve given the commitment to my viewers that I’ll post 3 times a week. Sometimes it’s fine to step back and see from another point of view and realize stuff as you go along the way. After that, I didn’t force myself to work or publish content that  I’m not proud of or which felt too forced.

We live in a social space where everyone is constantly dealing with numbers and people get upset if you don’t post a day or if you miss a day. The pressure is too much to be in the game and stand for yourself. But I think it is also important to stand for yourself and realize what you really want from all of this.  And most importantly is it making you happy after working so hard and beating yourself up is it really making me happy?


Just before writing this post I saw a quote on Instagram which my friend Jia an amazing Wellness Blogger posted on one of her pages @findingyourikigai ” Recharging yourself is much more important than recharging your phone.” 

This quote basically sums up what I did in the past few weeks, it was well overdue to look after myself and go in the right direction. I went on 2 trips in the past few weeks. I first went to Bangalore for a week had so much fun with my family and then I went on a short trip to the beach in Alibag. If you know me you know that beaches are my absolute favorite places on earth. It’s the vibe of it that calms me down completely and grounds me and I feel so present in the moment. I felt so much more aware of my thoughts and I’ve learned so much about myself. I know as cheesy as it sounds but it’s true.  Traveling is so beautiful and I’ve fallen in love with it. These trips have definitely helped me SO much to tackle with my anxiety head on and I honestly didn’t even know where I would be if I didn’t went out and spent time with myself and be with the people who make me happy.


Self-love and self-worth is something that I’ve always talked about from past few years and it is genuinely one of the most important things I’ve learned. One of the things I have learned myself and I’ve heard from others is that “You have to be there  for yourself, people won’t be there every time.”Which is so freaking true! Yes, we have our friends and family but they will be with us to a certain extent and after that, you’ll be the one who has to take care of yourself because it’s your life.

I am back home now & I might travel next week but I’m not sure. It took me a while to reframe my content and I really thought about the things which I want to create and things I want to talk here and on other platforms as well. I won’t guarantee that there will be a strict posting schedule because I never do things which are forced. Everything which I create comes from within and I make sure that I’m proud of the things which I put out. I agree that consistency makes it better to be successful but better authentic content creates a more positive impact than anything else can.

Sorry if I spoke too much lol, if you’re still reading this I thank you. You are amazing. Now I have got this urge to create so much more cool stuff and I’m so glad that I’m past the creative block and back in action.

Thank you if you’re still here and I promise you’ll see me here every single week!