Reflective Monday.

Do you just sit back and wonder what happened. Or maybe while sipping a cup of coffee do you just come across various so called ‘Life Questions’?
Yeah me too.
Let’s just be frank.
                      What do I wanna do?
                      Where do I wanna go?
                      Where would I be in the next 5 years?
                      Will I survive?
                      With whom will I be in the next 10 years?
                      Will my family be happy?
                      What will the society think?
                      What if people judge me?
                      Will I still be the same as today?    
                      What if i’m scared?
                      Who will be with me?
                      What if I don’t pursue my dream?
                      BUT MOST IMPORTANT
                       Will I be happy?
We all are in a world where we think way too much of the society.With all those unlimited expectations and dreams we still try to be happy.
Nothing is gonna come easily in our lives. We can’t get answers of all the questions. But the few ones will be worth it. All of my journey I have learnt so many things. Whether it’s about life,courage,hard work,passion or love.
Only one thing matters and that’s staying true.
You may never be the most incredible person on the planet overnight.
If you want to do that cool shit you have to do it.
And what if the society laughs on you? Well, SCREW them.
They have no idea about the amount of hard work we take to do what we love.
You aren’t gonna be the most famous person by writing a single blog or uploading a single photo on social media.
There are so many people who don’t love what you do.
But remember
You’re doing the shit which people are always scared to do. – Troye Sivan.
 We all have unique lives. We are here for different reasons.
It’s not just about reaching to a particular destination, it’s about the journey.
We all have have different destinations, but making the journey interesting is the real happiness.
Change the destination if you aren’t happy what you were doing. You’re never too old to chase dreams.
Do what you love, love what you do.
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