School Memories

“The bells of our school ring our far and wide,
Their chimes make our childhood so happy & bright,
They welcome young scholars to work & to play,
They call us to duty, they call us to play.”

Such an adorable lines of my school song!

School memories! Yes they have a so precious place in our heart! My 12 years spent in school were freaking amazing! No words to describe how amazing they were.

(left) My first day to kinder garden! (How happy I was at that time!)
(right) My first day to primary school. ( Look the smile there!)
 I have some of the blur memories when I was in primary school.
I just know that I participated mostly in fancy dress competition.

(Picture 1)  Dressed as a Santa clause. I still remember I wrapped the tiny eclairs by newspaper & then could make it look like a big chocolate! And then finally covering it with glitter paper. Usually my friends reaction would be like “Oh my God! Thank you so much for giving me such a big chocolate!” *laughs*

(Picture 2)
Dressed as Miss World! However I got very great comments for this picture. But *silence* I really don’t have any memory related with this picture. Not even a blur one. (Sorry)

(Picture 3)
Dressed as a Fairy! As I walked into the school wearing that dress some kids were like “Hey watch her Son pari!” ( A famous serial during that. And she was a fairy!) All I can react about this pic is *laugh* *laugh* *laugh*

 And then I’m finally in my secondary schooling. First of all I don’t have a picture of me when I was in secondary school because I use to look freaking horrible. (Just I didn’t like the way how I use to look)

 The funny memory I have when I was in 6th grade & it was our picnic. Me & my friend (won’t specify her name.) We were playing in pool & then suddenly she got up! After a time she was like “I just peeped in the pool!” I just ran away with great speed & was just like -_- (*laughing hard*)

My secondary schooling was much fun because we were much matured than what we were in primary school.

When I was in 9th grade and it was the last day of our school for that year, after that our exams were going to start. So I still have the mark of that day freshly in my mind. It was break time & as we came to know about it we just started throwing chalks on each other; write on each others uniform. I guess some one was throwing his school shoes on us. Last but not the least! That day we broke the dustbin of our class. It was into pieces in no moment. 

Also I have a wired moment I had in school when I was in 9th grade. I have actually slapped a girl when I was in 9th! I slapped her so hard that her cheeks were red red! I slapped her because *thinking* I think she was irritating me very much. And then she didn’t talk with me for few days. (Hey there if you watching! I’m Sorry if it hurt you during that time. I guess few of the people knew whom I’m talking about! My best friend also slapped her that her spectacles broke and her nose was bleeding.)

There are so many crazy,funny moments I had in school but I can’t be able to share all of them! (I’m gonna share the most funny & pathetic)


This picture was written by us in girls washroom! The next day that thing disappeared! (-_-)  At the last day of school. Well my last year to school was great. As I enjoyed it very much with my friends. However I have been sent out of the class only 1 time! (shocking) We use to roam around in school when we had free lectures.We always use to eat during lectures! Getting punished by our teachers. They use to give us so much home work but we use to complete it.(Maybe we use to complete it.) Sometimes we use to throw paper balls on each other or just tickle each other. During our P.T lectures I don’t use to play, I just use to roam with my friend as she also wasn’t much interested in playing. (Shreya) Our teachers were great & kind they help us till our last moment, they still remember us even now. We use to sing with our teachers & just discuss about everything as a bunch.

The last day of school, it was so sad as it was a heart attack to hear that we will no longer come to the school. (*Sad*) Today I really miss my school very much, and I love it! *Speechless* You rock all the time and you will always! :’) I know my contribution towards school’s success wasn’t 0.01% but I managed  to be a part of it.  All I’ll say at last is Love my school, Thank you for all your lovely blessing behind us.

I hope you liked my flashback of my sweet sweet school memories! I tried to give my best over here hope you liked it.Thank you 🙂