Something New.

Oh hello! You notice something different? Yes!

  I changed the design again. Last year when I bought the design I was more than happy but there were few setbacks to those. This time I wanted to make a few changes to the overall look of my blog & I was so happy to find the perfect design which I had in my mind & literally received that for such an affordable price! I wanted something which suits my style & looks professional without having a hole in my wallet. I was talking with my friends about this design which I bought & they were in shock at what price I received it for. I’ll definitely do a detailed   Blog post on where you can buy affordable Blogger Templates or WordPress Templates. 
 I’m so smitten with this whole look & can’t wait to get back to be blogging again every week! I hope you liked this design.  There will be a new blog post every week, I’ll try to post as often as I can. You know with the Final year of my education & Blog & Youtube it’s getting a bit difficult but I’m gonna manage to do it. This blog is my baby & it feels AMAZING to see my vision coming to reality! 
  There are 2 Blog posts coming this week if not 2 then 1 will be coming soon for sure! I’m so excited to share my Summer Reading List with you all! So the next blog post will be the books which I’ve read this summer! 

Thank you so much for stopping by & I’ll see you soon! xx
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