Summer Wishlist : Ombre Maxi Dress & Halter Dress!

 Summers are here! And we all have the urge to shop more! So why not shop from the right place?
I have a few of my fav pieces which you can wear in Summer, they’ll look absolutely adorable. All the products are from  RoseGal

My Summer staples which I always look forward are Ombre Maxi Dresses & Halter Dresses
Ombre Maxi Dresses look gorgeous and give an illusion of being tall. For Halter dresses, they add a cute feminine touch to the whole outfit.

Here is my Fav Ombre Maxi Dresses, it adds such a dimension to the whole look!  & This is my Fav Halter Dresses, as we all know embroidered patches are so in right now!

Which one are your favs?? Rosegal have some amazing discounts! So don’t forget to check them out 🙂