Sweet delights.

August is the month of happiness, we have friendship day, Raksha Bandhan this month. Don’t forget the amount of holidays this month! I’ve loved baking and it’s happy to see that my family & friends love it when I bake. This is the month of happiness, so why not just make sweet treats for friends or family. 
I learned baking from my cousin, and she bakes incredibly amazing. Don’t worry the recipes don’t contain eggs, you have to try it! I’ve been following her recipes since a year now and trust me they are so yummy.

Have a look at some of the tasty cakes which she made. I’m not just saying because she’s my sister, just try it yall love it! 

Oh and also she does have her own blog and youtube channel! Don’t forget to show it some love x
It’s more appreciated when you make something for your family rather than buying it from a shop.
Her blog – click here
Her Youtube channel – click here
They’re made from all the ingredients which are in your fridge! It’s okay to cheat once 😉 

Don’t forget to subscribe to her! I’ll see