The Phases of Blogging…

Well, hi. The last post which I’ve written was on 1st August and since then I have written a few stuff but haven’t really published it. A lot of things have changed since then which made me extremely busy. If you aren’t following me on Instagram yet, then you might not know that I have my own Etsy store! WOW Yes, it feels so good to say. I have learned so many things from my Etsy. I can not wait to share them! Also on the other side, I was traveling for a solid 2 weeks which was so freaking amazing & I can’t even tell you how happy and present I felt there. I have scribbled a few thoughts while I was there so those scribbles will definitely make their way here soon! Other than that a lot has been going on but I’m so happy to be doing what I love every day.

Talking about the phases of blogging, it happens to me. It happens to everyone. I get it, I’ve really enjoyed posting on youtube as I LOVED it! That might be the reason why I kind of neglected my blog, and also because I opened my Etsy just during that time which led me to have all my focus there. But here I am again. It’s a phase which I can guarantee all the bloggers go through and we kind of have to muddle our way out. But on a positive note, I’m so happy to be back home after traveling and a week full of anxiety ugh Storytime coming soon haha.