Things you need to try this festival season!

Diwali is so freaking close and I’m excited af. I can’t wait. It’s my favourite season and I love the atmosphere and everything around. So I have few products which I feel you should give it a go!
This week I tried some new products, (makeup & beauty wise).
They felt really great and I would surely use them. 
First one was the miss claire primer. It retailed for 300 rs, it has a gel texture and gives a smooth finish. It also helps in protecting your skin. If you apply a foundation or bb cream it will help you to stay for a longer time. 

You can get it in Beauty shop which is in kandivali, but its not available anywhere online.

You want to protect your eyes right? I found out a eye cream which was Aromamagic under eye gel It helps to lighten dark circles which we all need. You don’t really need a huge amount for daily use. Also it’s just for 100 rs and make sure you apply it on a clean face!
Next one is a corrector. It does magic. If you don’t want to apply too much of makeup then corrector will help you. After applying your primer you have to apply the corrector on the dark areas of your face and it will even out! It worked so amazingly for me. I got one from beauty store for 150 rs it came in a small tub and has orange colour. You get amazing correctors online. If you apply corrector then you don’t have to foundation just dap a bit of concealor and you’re done!
If you are searching for a matte lipstick which lasts forever then I have a great one! I bought the miss claire soft matte lip cream in the shade 17. But you need to be a aware that they don’t have samples and you need to guess the colour of lipstick by its outer cover. Other then this fact it was awesome. I applied it and it felt creamy but also matte. Then I ate a lot still it was the same on my lips it didn’t came out. Highly recommend it. Also it’s for 150 which is super awesome! <3
I’m gonna grab some of those asap! You’ll get it in beauty shop which is in kandivali. 
Instead of applying a black kajal in your lower water line try white eye pencil! 
White eye pencil helps your eyes to look more awake and fresh. It makes it look more bigger!
Try a nude or a white one
Want a amazing contour to your face? 
You don’t have to buy the expensive contour kits. Just use a loose powder one shade darker than your skin tone! You get amazing powders such as L’Oreal Paris mat magicColoressence Compact powder 
Don’t want a powder texture? Try a concealor stick one shade or two shades darker than you skin tone. You just have to apply it at the contour area and blend it out with your hands or brush or a blender! I have some amazing ones which are ColoressenceOlivia Concealor 
I have heard so much about this stick, and I finally tried it on me. It’s waterproof! WOW. Plus it’s only for 150 rs so you can’t go wrong. Don’t buy concealors  online until & unless you know your perfect shade! Go to a store and it will make your life better! 
Go for a bb cream instead of foundation! It just feels good for me, because I hate the cake feeling I get after I apply foundation. You get amazing bb creams which contain sf of 30 or above. I’ve tried the Garnier one, the PondsMaybelline clear glowMaybelline bb stick and also the Lakmae CC Cream. I’ve tried these, not all at once. I just switch back & forth between these and I never use any foundation because I feel like these are good for me. 
What are you gonna do for Diwali? Don’t forget to share your outfits & makeup looks with me. I’d love to check them out. And I’ll come tomorrow with another post 🙂
Till then happy shopping 🙂
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